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Cryptex autotrading platform
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CryptEX is an award-winning software that analyses what’s going on in the financial market and finds the best offers to trade on crypto and other assets.

CryptEX is an automated system that is suitable for people with any knowledge and experience.

Cryptex autotrading platform
Cryptex autotrading platform
Cryptex autotrading platform
Cryptex autotrading platform
Cryptex autotrading platform


Posted 2 days ago
Cryptex autotrading platform William D. $17,307.91

“By the age of 42, I was desperate because of the large loan debts.

Fortunately, I heard about Cryptex and decided to invest in the platform – after 3 months I paid all the loans.

Now I rent a big house and gave my girlfriend a car for her birthday.

With Cryptex, I'm on my way to becoming a millionaire!“

Posted 3 days ago
Cryptex autotrading platform Karen B. $13,234.98

“A couple of years ago my husband left me and I started raising my two children by myself.I couldn't afford to send my daughter to college.

There was nothing to lose, so I invested in Cryptex. To my surprise, I was able to pay for college and pay off my loans!

Now I work at home online for 20-30 minutes a day and can devote enough time to raising my children!“

Posted 1 week ago
Cryptex autotrading platform Steven J. $9,938.79

“I'm with the platform only 35 days I used to often lose my money on sports betting and my life was devastated.

A little bit later I saw an ad of a page on Facebook and decided to try Cryptex

Already after the first two weeks I left my job in the office!

Now my friends and I plan to travel the whole year!“

Posted 1 week ago
Cryptex autotrading platform Jade T. $8,329.43

“Half a year ago I got fired.

Due to the lack of experience, I could not get a job for a long time. Friends advised Cryptex. I registered and paid $250. At first I worked with the platform myself and a week later on the account was -$12.

A manager contacted me and explained how to work with the algorithm correctly and three weeks later my daily income was over $1,200! Thanks, Cryptex!

Order ID
ID 010993
+$ 1516
ID 010941
+$ 9186
ID 010554
+$ 5626
ID 010996
+$ 6673
ID 010155
+$ 4111
ID 010164
+$ 3251
ID 010100
+$ 10289
ID 010203
+$ 1476
ID 010877
+$ 5453


Cryptex autotrading platform

Once your registration is accepted, you will become the newest member of CryptEX community.

And you will get our proprietary bitcoin trading software for free

Cryptex autotrading platform

Like any business, you need working capital to get started. To start profiting with CryptEX, you need to invest any amount you desire but at least $250.

Cryptex autotrading platform

Click trade to enjoy precise and accurate hands-free trading powered by our award-winning algorithm.

You can also set the trading to manual if you prefer to trade on your own.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can I earn monthly? Cryptex autotrading platform
It depends on the situation in the financial market and your deposit. However, on average you can earn 1-4% daily. Here is an example: $2000 deposit and average 2% daily yield. Considering this, you can earn about $1200 next month.

How much does the software cost? Cryptex autotrading platform
CryptEX software is free for use. There is also no subscription that you need to pay every month. We get a fee from trades.

Do I need to control all the process to get profit? Cryptex autotrading platform
CryptEX is an automated trading system and you don’t need a lot of time to control it. Our members spend an average of 20 minutes a day or less to control the process. You can also control all the process with your smartphone on our web platform.

How to start using the system? Cryptex autotrading platform
At first, you need to register an account. Registration is free. After that, you need to deposit funds to activate the system and start earning interest income. You can deposit and add funds whenever you want.

How to withdraw funds? Cryptex autotrading platform
There is a “Withdraw” section on the web platform. You just need to choose the amount and the method how to withdraw.