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Cryptex trade

Register to get access to the trading software that will trade for you automatically. Registration is free.

Cryptex trade

After registration, you should answer the specialist’s call to set up and activate the system. You will be able to look at the process and understand how everything works.

Cryptex trade

After activating the system and depositing funds, you will get a source of passive income which not required much attention. But you still can trade manually if you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can I earn monthly? Cryptex trade
On average you can earn from up to $10,000 per day. Profit depends on your initial deposit.

How much does the software cost? Cryptex trade
CryptEX software is free for use. There is also no subscription that you need to pay every month. We get a 5% fee from your profit.

Do I need to control all the process to get profit? Cryptex trade
CryptEX is an automated trading system and you don’t need a lot of time to control it. Our members spend an average of 20 minutes a day or less to control the process. You can also control all the process with your smartphone on our web platform.

How to start using the system? Cryptex trade
At first, you need to register an account. Registration is free. After that, you need to deposit funds to activate the system and start earning interest income. You can deposit and add funds whenever you want.

How to withdraw funds? Cryptex trade
There is a “Withdraw” section on the web platform. You just need to choose the amount and the method how to withdraw.

Should I pay any taxes from profit and does it legit? Cryptex trade
Yes, it is absolutely legit. Cryptex is an IT-company that offers software to automate the trading process and work with licensed partners. And yes, you should pay taxes from the profit that you made with Cryptex. The tax rate depends on the user's country.

Cryptex trade
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CryptEX is an award-winning software that analyses what’s going on in the financial market and finds the best offers to trade on crypto and other assets.

CryptEX is an automated system that is suitable for people with any knowledge and experience.

Cryptex trade
Cryptex trade
Cryptex trade
Cryptex trade
Cryptex trade